Thursday, June 5, 2008

Glacier National Park

We had a great time in Calgary visiting with Jordan and Kari Clark and their family. We spent most of our time catching up with them and meeting their kids, Peyton and Drew for the first time. Jordan took us to this tower overlooking most of the city and they just installed a glass floor in it, where you can look all the way down. It was slightly terrifying, but really pretty amazing. We included some pictures. We also were able to see where the Olympics were held here a few years ago and where The Stampede (I think the world's largest rodeo) is held. It was really neat and very encouraging to visit with the Clark's.Then we headed to Glacier National Park on Tuesday and spent some time driving around the park and did a little hiking. We thoght we were lost for a moment, when we saw the St. Mary sign - did we take a wrong turn to WV??!! Thankfully no.
It is still really cold up here! It was 36 degrees last night, so we decided to car camp for the night. It was much warmer and we got a lot more sleep that way. Most of the passes are closed now and so we were a little limited in what we got to see, but it was still beautiful and worthwhile. We saw some mountain goats way up on a mountain and a wolf trotting in an open field and the glaciers were amazing. The drive through Big Sky Country in Montana is AWESOME! God's glory is everywhere.
Tomorrow we head to West Yellowstone to visit with the Loomis family for a few days.
Hope you are all doing well and we are excited to see you all again soon. Take care and God bless you all.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Banff, Canada

Well, we are in Canada for a brief visit to the beautiful Rockie Mountains and to Calgary to visit one of Heath's good friends, Jordan & Kari Clark. We have done some beautiful hiking and seen some amazing sites. If you can tell how amazingly blue/green the water is in the pictures, I only wish you could see it in person. We have had great weather and are truly enjoying ourselves. We've been to Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and have climbed several other mountains. What joy to be out in God's awesome creation!

We are here for one more day, then we go to Calgary to spend some time with the Clark's. Then down to Montana for a few days to do some more hiking and visiting friends. I hope you are all well and enjoy seeing some pictures. As always, pictures don't do God's creation justice, but we thought you might like a glimpse! One of the pictures is of our gondola ride down Sulphor Mountain - we hiked up and got to ride down for free!! Very fun!