Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pete the Climber

Pete hasn't walked yet, but he can sure climb. He climbs up on everything in the house: chairs, sofa, step stool, etc. Just two days ago, he was playing outside and climbed up the slide, turned around, and slid down it. He is a little daredevil.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swimming Fun

Pete loves playing in his little pool that Grandma sent him. Unfortunately, he also loves drinking the water, which is completely unsafe for him to drink! So when we swim, we spend most of our time battling him from drinking up the amoeba infested water. But we have a great time nonetheless! Since it is perpetually summer weather here (pretty much), we don't even need towels to dry off. Pete just air dries as he rides his horsey through town. Scroll down to see how much he enjoys riding like a cowboy vs. riding like a lady!

This is the way the ladies ride....

This is the way the cowboys ride...(minus their drawers and chaps!)

Best Birthday Card Ever...especially for Dad!

Pete got this card from Grandma Stella and it has been a hit around here. At first, he was actually pretty leery of it, but with a bit of repetition, he loves it. He especially likes to do a little dance to the tune, which you can sort of see in the video. And as most of you know, an early love of Star Wars brings a smile to Heath's face!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Pete!!

Pete has turned 1 already and though it has gone quickly this first year, we have tried to cherish each moment. Pete is learned so much each day and it is such an unbelievable privilege and joy to be a part of his unfolding personality and growth. I can hardly believe it somedays, as we laugh, learn and discover together. He is a priceless gift of our loving Father.
You can see below how we celebrated his first year!

Pete started the day with the breakfast clown that Heath used all growing up. It is a great clown that disassembles to become a bowl, plate, cup, salt shaker and egg holder. It was fun to celebrate his first birthday with it!

A ten-gallon cowboy hat cake matched the vintage napkins and plates that Grandma sent us in the mail. Thanks Grandma, we loved thinking of Texas on our big day!

By the end of the day, Pete was pretty worn out and had somehow lost his clothes...I think he found a water puddle and played to his hearts content. Happy Birthday.

I made a sign for the big day and hope to take a picture under it every year. Pete got a real kick out of looking up at it and hearing us sing Happy Birthday to him, each time he pointed at it.