Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy One Year Birthday Jude and Lily!

We celebrated the twins birthday back in June, but we were just swimming with visitors and summer ministries, so we are just now getting this posted.  It has been a fun year and they are growing so quickly in such unique ways.  Lily is walking and climbing on everything, always wanting to be right at my feet.  Jude is a very content little man, happy to be just about anywhere, as long as he is not left out of a meal or snack time!  :)  So here are a few pictures of our two little monkeys, and thanks to Aunt Jessica, who was visiting, for bringing our party supplies from America.

Our two monkeys are so much fun and we are so thankful to have our hands full most all of the time!
Lily dug in with both was so much fun.  I don't know how much cake she actually ate, but she loved it.
This is pretty much Jude all the time, just patiently waiting and THRILLED to be at the dinner table again.
Lily made a perfect mess of the cake.
Jude sporting his monkey ears -- for approximately 12 seconds.  He did not like them, so we only caught quick pictures with them on.
Jude preferred for my Mom to feed him his cake.  I think he figured he would get more that way. 
Lily goes in for the grab on Jude's cake or maybe she is just trying to show her brother how to do it!
Lily was glad to wear the ears the whole day and just loved that she was doing it all by herself.
Lily is a little nut, she found this dog bowl and thought it made a perfect hat!
Jude is always up to something...
And always has a good laugh and smile for anyone who says his name.
Jude loved this trampoline at a local park.
Lily was also having fun bouncing on the trampoline.
Swinging on a beautiful Rwandan morning.
Jude can just never get enough of the sing.  He obviously is enjoying himself.
Grandma Dahlstrom bought the twins new chairs made of banana leaves, just their size.  They are a HUGE hit.
Lily is always investing, curious and exploring her surroundings.  She is determined, a bit shy, a go-getter, quick learner, and likes to do things herself.  What joy it has been to have a daughter and watch her grow just as perfectly as her Creator meant for her to be.  I love you, Lils.
Oh Jude, the dude.  This is our son to a T...happy, silly, playful and content.  He loves his big brother and plays beautifully with his little sister.  He is happiest outside and at the dinner table, but really he is pretty much full of smiles all the time.   Such a sweet, tough little boy.  I love you, Jude.