Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swimming and Sitting Up!

Pete love chewing on this yellow ring, as much as being in the water!
Hey, you caught me sitting up, even if it was for only 10 seconds.

Pete flashes those big blue eyes at most everybody and melts their hearts.

My birthday package finally arrived two months late, but we celebrated anyway!

We have too much fun together and it gets better everyday!
These are just a few pictures from our day to day life here. Pete went to his first swimming party for Tess's 1st Birthday Party! It sure was fun and we were all surprised that he never wanted out of the cool swimming pool. It was too chilly for the adults, but the kids ate it up! Also, as you can tell Pete has started sitting up for moments at a time and it is really fun. He has had a lot more fall overs than long moments of sitting up, but he keeps on trying and never cries about it. He is a joy to our lives and it has been a joy to us too, to see how many people he shares the same happiness with. He makes so many people smile and our friends all enjoy moments holding him and he loves to snuggle with new faces and hold thier faces. What a WONDERFUL time of life!