Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Around the Farm & 9 months Pregnant

We have been back in Texas now from Rwanda for 2 months and are just now quickly trying to update the blog. Pete has been busy around the farm, playing with baby kittens, hanging out wit the dog, feeding chickens and gathering their eggs and the list goes on and on. My Dad recently built this little pond out at the farm and it makes for some great swimming on these hot summer days. We have loved that Pete has gotten so much time with his Papa and MeMaw this summer. Also, is a picture of me 9 months pregnant with Jude and Lily just a few days before we delivered them. They are here now, but that will come in a later post.

As you can tell, Pete LOVES the kittens around the farm. He is about the only person who can catch them and I am glad to say they are all still alive - despite his "enthusiastic" hugs and petting.

Who needs professional swimming lessons and fancy pools, when you have a pond full of algae and goldfish in your own backyard! Pete has a blast every time we go swimming.

Noche is so very tolerant of Pete sitting on him, kissing him, riding him, hugging him and in general constantly bothering him. They are pretty good pals.