Thursday, January 3, 2013

October to December -- What Happened?!

It has been a fun last 5 months, that we have not posted on this blog.  The kids have obviously grown so much and are doing a ton more.  We enjoyed a wonderfully warm holiday season in the 70's and we are thankful for a new year.  Here is a splattering of our kids the past few months and what we have been up to -- around the home!

Pete has recently gotten even sillier.  He is coming up with goofy faces and wanting everyone to look at him.  This was his latest attempt to make Mommy laugh....and it worked.  :)
Lily got some of the cutest little Santa bloomers and she sported them on Christmas Day.  I just loved this front picture more than from behind.
Here is her new hairbrush and I don't think Lily could have been any more pleased with her surprise!

Pete got a new homemade bow and arrows for Christmas - and a quiver to hold them all.  He was excited.
Pete wrote to Santa and asked for a measuring tape this year.  Needless to say, he was pleased with it and it even was a perfect match with Daddy's measuring tape.
Santa also brought Pete a shaving kit just for kids.  He asks to shave at least 4 times a day - it is too cute.
Quite a crew on Christmas much fun.
Guess who found Mommy's lipgloss basket and went to town.  She obviously had the time of her life!
Jude looks about as angelic as they come in this picture -- especially in contrast to the picture above of his silly sister.
Just a day of exploring outside.  I think she looks so big in this picture.
It is hard to tell if this picture is Pete or Jude!  They look so much alike.
More silly faces from Pete.
Pete was pretty thrilled with his first ice cream cone last month.  A visitor brought us some ice cream cones and I made his favorite chocolate ice cream!
Cannot say enough about how much Pete loves hanging out and working with his Daddy. 
We only got a few little "matching" twins outfits, so we just had to pose in these.
Bath time is tight and so, so much fun when we are water rationing.  I am never sure whose feet or bum I am washing when they are all stuffed in this little tub, but they usually come out cleaner than when they started!

Our traditional, from-scratch, gingerbread house making.  Pete wanted to leave the back roof off, so that he could play with his people inside.
Making cookies at Christmas is more fun every year!
Pete is really enjoying painting these days and our friend brought us this great new paint pan.  Love it!