Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Stitches & First Soda

Last week we had a first, but I am sure not a last. Pete was adventurously climbing on the new stroller we got to help us out with twin transportation. We had just stepped around the corner, when he thought he would try to climb to the top of it. And the wheels slipped out and Pete met the tile floor chin first. Thankfully Dr. Brian Robinson, on our team, was near and we drove right to his house for stitches! Below are some pictures of our afternoon.

Who knew that their aluminum rolling island in their kitchen would be the perfect exam and operation table?! :)

He was not thrilled to be wrapped up like a mummy for the procedure, so we distracted him with some Peter Pan on Heath's iPhone...those phones are so handy.

Here is the finished big gash sewn nicely with three stitches.

And here is the finished disgruntled, tired little guy. Even the M&M's weren't too much of a comfort, but he ate them up of course!

Here are happier times though. A few days later while at a friend's party, Pete was given his first orange Fanta. As you can well see, he was tickled with his treat. It was hard to even get a picture of his face, as he usually had it down and focused on the straw. The fizz was so much, his little eyes watered the whole time and he kept choking on the bubbles. It was so funny to watch him drink it!!

Random Pete-ness

Pete got a backpacking sleeping bag for Christmas from Meemaw and Papa. He LOVES that thing and curls up in it all the time. We look forward to the day that we will all use it on the trail someday.

We enjoy sunshine about 11 months a year, with about a month of all-day rain. Pete loves swimming in his little pool on most every day!

Hiding is one of the all time favorites right now and this old, empty suitcase made the perfect hiding spot. He stayed in it for probably an hour on different occasions.

We have enjoyed about 35 days of visitors over the last 2 months and these were some of Pete's buddies. Isabella and Jackson are pictured above and he is swinging beside another little friend, Emerson, below.

Pete has smoothly transitioned to a big bed. Sometimes he enjoys sleeping in this little GI Joe Tent (pictured below), which Heath used as a kid on his bed. Thanks to Grandma Stella for keeping it all these years, he things he's 'hiding' the whole nap time!