Sunday, June 3, 2012

Growing, laughing and learning....

It seems like our life just scoots along and it just seems to get better all the time.  All the kids are doing great and learning so much all the time.  Whether it be the twins learning to make animal sounds and testing out their legs for standing and walking or Pete picking out pajamas at night for everyone and getting diapers ready for the twins -- everyone seems to be changing.  It has been such a tremendous blessing to be home for this time of our lives and to be a part of each of these experiences.  I cannot think of a better job, then discipling, loving and raising our precious children.  Here are a few tidbits of life over the past months.

Miss Lily is quite proud of her new hat and she loves the swing.  She just giggles and giggles when she is pushed.

There is nothing better then hanging out in the green grass and exploring the yard.  We are so blessed to have 12 months a year of sunshine and warm weather, so we are always able to enjoy the outdoors.

Jude strikes a pose while we visit our friends in the village.  He was quite a spectacle this day, with kids watching his every move through the windows or when we walked about in the village. 
Lily is a little nut and loves any kind of hat she can fine.  Daddy thought these pajama pants fit quite nicely.

Lily is already finding her way into her Daddy's wallet.  She looks quite pleased with what she has found and who really could take money from a face like that?!

Jude found a marker while we weren't looking and went to town.  As with most things, he was hoping it was an edible marker, he got it everywhere you can imagine.

Jude is a funny face maker - he can really ham it up for the pictures and he did not disappoint us in this picture.  He looks like such a little stinker in this one, but he is really quite the opposite - easy going, laid back and happy just about anywhere.

Lily sporting her West Virginia gear and giving standing up a shot.  She is not walking, but certainly likes to stand and walk about on furniture.  Her little leg warmers keep her skinny legs warm on these cold days of rainy season.

Just another day in the yard, in their matching cowboy shirts from Aunt Heather!

Lily found a purple egg on Easter and cared little for the candy, but loved the egg.  She is sporting my dress that my Granny made for me, oh, about 33 yrs. ago!  It was fun to see her wear it and it was beautiful with her blue eyes.

Pete has been practicing his head balancing skills and has gotten to be pretty good.  He was so proud of these carrots on his head.  He sees lots of ladies walking around with things on their heads here in Rwanda.

Not sure why I added this photo, but just thought it was cute.  It was a shot we took for a mother's day gift we made in Bible class and I thought Pete just looked so grown up.

Nothing like sharing an infant bathtub right?!  We have had some pretty major water issues lately, and we have not had enough water to fill tub.  For that fact, we never do fill the tub.  But you wouldn't know these kids cared at all, as they always have a blast in this tiny blow up tub.  :)