Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, The Places to Read!

Pete just loves to read, as I am sure most kids do this age. It is certainly exciting to see him find joy in books. He sits for long stretches of time and just pulls book after book down to look through & "read" to himself. He intently looks at each page and babbles, as if he knows the exact story taking place. He is recognizing more and more, calling out names of things he sees, doing sign language to what he recognizes and making a vast array of noises for things. I didn't get a picture of it, but he also is often caught grabbing books to read in the car, when we tell him it is time to go. Books are magical at all ages!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pete the Nut

Our Pete has turned into quite the little ham. He is always so silly, finding new things to try to make us laugh. There is not much he isn't willing to try or a goofy face he isn't trying to make. And he is not afraid of the camera, which makes catching great moments and unique little facial expressions easy to catch. Hope you enjoy some moments over the past couple of weeks.

Pete found this bowl outside and thought it made the perfect hat!

Mr. Happy found his new rain boots to just the perfect fit and wanted to show them off.

This is one perfect Pete look, squinty eye and that crooked smile! We just LOVE it.

Pete was dying to touch the eye of the camera...he thought he was SOO funny. I took about 9 pictures with his finger in the view hole!

This is a short video of one of his favorite expressions when he is having a big time. I am always surprised how clearly he can say things. At least we get a kick out of it!!