Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Fun and Personality

We have had a fun spring and chasing these little ones around has taken a toll on my picture taking.  But here are few fun ones from the past few months.  Unfortunately I have not taken any really good pictures of our many visitors these past months, but we have been blessed with quite a few.   Pete, Jude and Lily are growing quickly, learning so much and blossoming such different and fun personalities.  

Easter was a beautiful day and all the kids used their new, hand-painted Easter baskets from my Mom.  They loved the day!

Pete got some play-doh like goo and he thinks it makes the best mustaches.  He is always coming up with some new one, walks in giggling and pretends to be someone different.

Lily still loves lipstick and found a visitor's stash.  She figured Donna wouldn't mind if she dug into her tubes of lipstick! 

Lily always has lots to say and silly faces for the camera.

Jude finally got his first hair cut, just 2 months before he turns two years old!  He looks so old and grown up.

Pete helped Mama make homemade donuts.  The sprinkles were his favorite part, I think. :)

Lily is a little cleaner and helper.  She loves to help out whenever she can and even when it is not needed.  I love having a little shadow with me all the time.  And not to mention, I have much cleaner cabinets.

All the kids LOVE to eat Rwandan food with Claire and Gilbert every day.  It is their 2nd lunch most days and everyone loves the tradition.