Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our life….over a year since the last post!

It has been a while since I sat down to post a little of our life.  Here are a few of our growing kids and what they like to do.  Trying to get back into doing this, as I like to look back over our blog and see the kids growing and changing.  Thanks for being interested in our family, we are doing well in Rwanda!

 Lily LOVES to color and is very particular about just how she wants things to look.  She has a very deliberate plan with every picture she works on and she takes her time.

 Pete also likes to color, especially since he was given a Spiderman coloring book.  These pictures all go up on his wall in his room.

 One of our best finds is this rhino beetle…he was crawling across our floor one morning and the kids were thrilled to pieces!

 We love our friend from LCU, Nikki, who came to spend Easter with us.  Dying eggs is always fun, even if they are brownish looking.  We only get brown eggs here.  :)

 Pete and I are homeschooling this year and we have a lot of fun.  He is learning so much and it has been a joy to be with him on this journey.

 Jude is a reader.  He will sit and "read" books for many minutes…along with his sister Lily.  I am so thankful they love to entertain themselves with books.

Pete turned 5 yrs. old in February.  He wanted his first Dr. Pepper for his birthday and we were able to get our hands on one.  He was so happy and kept talking about how it was burning his throat as he drank it.  I think he wondered why his Dad likes them so much.

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